Handmade to perfection.

These are exclusive handmade tiles from start to end, the quality is showed when you look at the tiles and feel them by your own hands.

To be used inside the house for decoration, ore in the bathroom for the exclusive finish on the walls ore even the floor.Only the imagination can puts the limit here

They comes in 2 sizes 10x40cm and 40×40 cm all 1,3-1,5mm thickness.

They are made from a mixture of very fine terrazzo and special cement and additives to keep the strength in top.
After the casting the tiles are having a rest, in about a week, before they get a slightly hand sanding to even the surface, then comes the special treatment so they get the look of old rusty metal, ore rusty cobber. The finish for the surface is a special lack that closes the surface and keep the color protected against dust, moist and let the water runs off.

You and your home deserves it because, its made exclusively for you BY KAOS Design

Best regards team KAOS Design